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Welcome to my visitors platform.

This is not a commercial website of any kind. It is limited to show either airplanes I built or such I am currently working on. All old portions of this website that feature stuff for sale is outdated and no longer valid.

On this website you will learn all about me - Achim Engels - and the Fokker-Team-Schordorf. My family and I devoted ourselves to discover and preserve the knowledge about German aircraft development and use up to 1920.


I follow my aim strictly and am trying to research the knowledge about the techniques used to construct aircraft of the mentioned field and to also make the results of my work available to anybody who is interested in. To reach this goal I go several ways. I develop construction drawings for full sized parts and complete reconstruction aircraft. I  also do publish my findings in form of  booklets and books. Furthermore my plan also is to collect original data documents such as works drawings,  photographs and other documents into an online which you can find somewhere on this website.


I do kindly invite you here to look around here on this site.

I am no longer building airplanes commercially. This site is limited to show my hobby only. I am not in this  business any longer

If anybody wants anything from me, he has to come to my place, which is now:

E n g e l s, Achim
Heubeundstrasse 1, 73116 Waeschenbeuren, Germany

I have by now also set up special pages here which will show you some of my other hobbies including a permanent exhibition and archive at my home and other activities like the restoration of a vintage 1965 Opel Kadett.


FokD8InDetail146-148.jpg (67033 Byte)

"Fokker D.VIII - In Detail" Now Availiable.




Andrew Carter Of TAVAS preparing for a flight in the E.III. Photo: Andrew Carter TAVAS

Early morning shot of my Fokker D.VIII reproduction


My Logo, the Angel with the ´S´ or in German: Der Engel mit dem ´S´


Early morning pre flight preperations

Me in the cockpit



earlyd7j.jpg (16986 Byte)



Latest News as of  19th   of May 2015:

"The Australian Vintage Aviation Society"  in short TAVAS did extraordinary work on completing and finishing up my Fokker E.III. The aeroplane in the meantime has made its maiden flight and entered the registration process

In opposite to the wide spread opinion that the flying charackteristics of the aeroplane have been pretty poor, the initial test flights prooved this to be wrong. Andrew Carter, who did the test flying was quite impressed by the aeroplane.It apears to be quite stable while still sensitive to the controls. Wing warping gave it good manouverability which was true for all axis. The gyroscopic effect of the rotary engine was neglectible. The only shortage was the low effectiveness of the rudder he wrote. This draws a different picture from what I have expected to hear, judging from the reports of captured aeroplanes - well the enemy might never have been allowed to have good weapons - and what has been told about other reproductions of heavier construction with none authentic airfoil sections, stationary engines, ailerons and overweight.

I am indeed proud of my reproduction and I am happy to see it in public in Australian skies until 2030 under Andrew Carter and TAVAS. In 2030 the aeroplane will be returned home to Germany with its engine and under Australian registration fully airworthy so that it - if the gods grant it - will be shown and flown before the German public. So at least are the baselines of the agreement.

More details can be found on their website at  I certainly will also report about the progress here.


Andrew Carter im Führerraum der E.III bei Startvorbereitungen

E.III bei Startvorbereitungen

E.III im Fluge. Wundervolles Foto von Nathalie Carter


My Fokker E.III during preparations prior to take off and in flight. All photographs are by TAVAS. Their magnificent work is worth being supported, so check out their website!




The building of our two new triplanes is in steady progress, too. Those interested in it can follow the progress in closer detail via my facebook page. You may just look me up under my name there.


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161klein.jpg (173324 Byte)

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164klein.jpg (104330 Byte)

165klein.jpg (97780 Byte)

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E6 002 im Flug - Copyright am Bild: Sean Singleton, Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ

One of the aeroplanes I built for a custumer in flight.



"Fokker D.VIII - In Detail"

Now availiable

Titelblatt.jpg (87210 Byte)

Volume 1 - The structure

278 Fotos auf 120 Seiten.


Titelblatt2.jpg (95581 Byte)

Volume 2 - history, colour schemes, reproduction, certification...

80 Photographs, history text, colour plates, use... ... 60 pages.

Both books appear as downloadable files. The quality is much improoved over previous releases in the same series.


missed some back news?


fts_titel1_wir ueber uns1.JPG (13361 Byte)
all about us

fts_titel1_erster nachbau2.gif (11489 Byte)
first reconstruction

fts_titel1_zweiter nachbau.gif (10674 Byte)
second reconstruction

90.jpg (52694 Byte)                 E1-3.jpg (56126 Byte)

ENGELS E3 Project                  ENGELS E1 Project

FREE download of 60 sample drawings of the
complete set of  200 construction drawings
for the ENGELS E1 triplane

Let us show you our dream which you are invited to help us realizing it.
We have a dream...


Click here for the technical drawings developed by the team.
technical drawings

Model by Achim Engels, Tim Riley and Bil Hardenberger. Texturing and renderings by Bil Hardenberger
Project "3D-Museum"

Click here to view the collections.

Click here to learn about the archive.


Click here for unique hand made limited Lilienthal models


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